Aussie Christian Radio Listeners Donate Over 27,000 Miracles of Sight

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On 25 August 2016, the worlds of CMAA and CBM Australia collided spectacularly through our partnership in Miracles Day

Miracles Day changing livesIt really was a case of ‘Together we can do more’ as many Miracle Gifts of Sight were donated to the world’s poorest people.

Through the generosity of everyday Australians, many people in Vietnam have been helped – like twelve-year-old My (Mee). My’s parents died two years ago, leaving her in the care of her older brother, when not at school, My spent a lot of time alone, as her brother worked long hours. One day, My’s teacher noticed that she was having trouble seeing the blackboard, so organised for her to have an eye examination through a local CBM Partner hospital.

My was diagnosed and received a life-changing Miracle Gift of Sight – there’s a lot to celebrate!

Here is a snapshot of our Miracles Day success:

  • 26 Christian radio stations from across the nation made Miracles happen on 25 August 2016.
  • Five radio stations broadcast LIVE after visiting our CBM partner hospital in Vietnam.
  • 31 phones were manned by 136 different people over 16 hours – many were volunteers.
  • More than 27,000 Miracle Gifts of Sight were donated – and there’s still more coming in.
  • Over 4000 phone calls were received and many amazing stories were collected from your sacrificial giving listeners:
  • On her way to spoil herself by getting her nails done, one woman heard Miracles Day on the radio and ended up cancelling her nails. She donated four miracles for her four children. Her nails might not be manicured but to those who need their eyesight restored she couldn’t be more ‘beautiful’.
  • Blind from the age of seven a caller wanted to donate to restore sight for someone else.
  • A gentleman from Sierra Leone, a refugee who came to Australia, felt that God has generously blessed him wanted to give a miracle.
  • A mother donated a gift on behalf of her daughter. It’s her daughter’s birthday today and instead of a gift she asked her mum to donate.
  • A caller had his own cataract surgery two days before Miracles Day, so he has doubled his contributions to $640 because he knows how much somebody’s life can changed.

Miracles Day is not just about the Miracle Gift of Sight, it’s also about the Miracle Gift of generosity that we see from everyday Australians who listen to Christian radio and support the work of CBM so faithfully. Behind the scenes, there is so much work that goes into this one day, however even the smallest contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of those who need it most, and the team at CBM are so grateful to all involved.


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