Change lives through education this June

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You can be part of changing the lives of children living in poverty through education this June.

According to the United Nations, 200 million young people in developing countries do not have the skills they need for employment and prosperity. The reasons are varied and many: overcrowded classrooms, impractical curriculums, a lack of school resources, poor attendance. But the impact is huge: one in eight young people are unemployed; over a quarter are trapped in jobs that keep them on or below the poverty line.

Education is a powerful way to reduce poverty. But when a family’s focus is on simply surviving, education can’t be a priority. Compassion Australia’s Education Appeal 2015 will help to provide a solution.

From vocational training and university education, to computer labs and libraries, from literacy and numeracy tutoring, to textbooks and classrooms, Compassion tailors their education programs to meet the needs of each child. Staff members know children’s strengths, struggles and dreams for the future. They understand their specific education needs—and how meeting these needs can help them overcome poverty.

By providing children with the important opportunities and resources that they need, Compassion Australia’s Education Appeal will help give children a bright future. This could look like equipping computer labs in Ghana, funding university education in the Philippines, or one-on-one tutoring in Colombia. It’s a solution that helps children in developing countries to triumph over poverty.

For more information about the Education Appeal, visit, download a bloggers kit here, or contact Berlinda Fortin on (02) 4935 5000 ext 1238 or to see how you can be involved in changing lives through education this year.



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