Check Your Accounts Have Not Been Hacked

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IT Services Manager Encourages Users to Change Passwords

Check Your Accounts Have Not Been HackedIn light of the recent notice that Dropbox had been hacked, Nathan Scowen, IT Services Manager at Vision Christian Media, recently notified his team, and CMAA, on how to check if you need to update passwords on unprotected accounts.

It has recently come to light that Dropbox has been hacked and user names and passwords have been obtained as a result of this hack. From all reports this hack actually took place back in 2012. If you are a relatively new comer to DropBox then there is every possibility your details are still safe. If not, if you haven’t changed your DropBox password since 2012, then you need to change your password. Further if you use the name email address and password combination on any other website then you will need to change your password on all of those other websites as well.”

Nathan suggested a great website to visit is Simply enter your email address or username and the site will advise if you are likely to have been compromised, by which sites, and whether you need to update your password accordingly.


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