Christian TV Producer Helps University Secure Half Million Dollar Grant

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SeniorSmilesA documentary produced by Richard Attieh, one of Australia’s most well known television producers, has helped the University of Newcastle’s School of Health Sciences secure a $540 000 research grant. The funds will help the University continue its world-leading research in Oral Health and Hygiene for the aged and elderly across Australia.

Richard’s company Pineapple Media Australia was commissioned by Dr. Janet Wallace from the University of Newcastle’s School of Health Sciences to produce a documentary showcasing her world-leading ‘Senior Smiles’ oral health program.

The 11 minute documentary was produced to showcase Dr. Wallace’s research in an engaging format, when presented at the Australian Dental Association, NSW, Geriatric Dentistry Annual conference.

We love producing content for a clearly defined audience group with a clear message and call to action,” said Richard Attieh. “The Senior Smiles research has a lot of technical and detailed pieces of information that needed to be communicated in a simple and easy to follow format.

Pineapple Media Australia works with a number of Christian ministries around Australia, regularly producing Christian content for secular television audiences.

We would love to see Christian ministries experience this type of recognition and support for their work,” Richard said.

When presenting the gospel and the Christian faith, we need to use best practise industry standards, and ensure our message speaks to the needs and desires of our intended audience.

PMediaLogoPineapple Media Australia has been working with Dr. Wallace for the past six years, and the University of Newcastle will continue to roll out Dr Wallace’s Senior Smiles program as part of the successful grant.

The gospel message is the most important message there is, and I would love to see more Christian ministries and organisations becoming leaders in their field, obtaining more funds for their work, and expanding their influence,” Richard said.

Pineapple Media Australia is currently working on a documentary on the Rev. Fred Nile, featuring John Howard, Nick Greiner, Bob Carr and Premier Gladys Berejiklian.



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