Christians Unite to Flood Social Media with the Gospel

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yesHEis reignites their #goeverywhere campaign to reach 1 million people across the globe this September

yesHEis goeverywhereChristians who sign up to the #goeverywhere movement will share the campaign video, ‘Why I have hope’ on their Facebook pages on Sunday September 25.

Those who watch the video and have questions about God and faith, or who want to make a decision to follow Christ, can write to yesHEis via the private online response system. Teams in 20 countries will be ready to follow up these responses with answers as well as help connect people to local churches close to them.


Imagine what would happen if every Christian in the world was inspired to share the Gospel with their social networks,” Said Nathan Spicer, Global Manager of yesHEis. “Then imagine if this happened on the same day, globally.” said Mr Spicer. “Not only would it be very hard to ignore on social media but it would send a powerful good news message to the rest of the world.

The #goeverywhere 2016 campaign aims to reach 1 million people with the Gospel, as well as encourage global Christians to be more active in sharing their faith in the online space. Last year, yesHEis saw 78,672 Christians sign up to share their faith as part of the 2015 #goeverywhere campaign. This year they hope to see more than 250,000.

yesHEis goeverywhereThe #goeverywhere campaign will operate in 10 languages across 6 continents and yesHEis is encouraging churches and Christian leaders to get behind the campaign. Christians can sign up to the #goeverywhere movement by visiting today and joining the #goeverywhere Facebook event. All participants will be reminded on September 25th to share the Gospel video on their personal Facebook pages.

For Christians wanting to share the video on other social media platforms, they can sign up with their email address and will receive a link to the video on sharing day.

Find out more about the #goeverywhere 2016 campaign 




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