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In Christian Media Law Notes this month we conclude the six-part series for Board members on the ACNC governance standards with a brief study of insolvency; and take a look at trade mark disputes after a recent court decision.

Christian Media Law Notes December 2015

“Not to allow a charity to operate while insolvent”

Board members must ensure that their charity can pay its debts when they are due. This is called being solvent. If their charity is unable to do this then it will be insolvent. Board members must not allow their charity to continue to take on new debts (for example, wages, rent and equipment lease payments) if they know the charity will not be able to pay those bills when they are due.  Read more …

Trade Mark Disputes

Last month we wrote about the advantages of trade mark protection by debunking some of the common Trade Mark Myths. This month, a recent decision of the UK Intellectual Property Enterprise Court provides a timely reminder of some of the issues in trade mark law of which charities should be aware. Read more …


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