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It can be a challenge for not-for-profits to keep up with changes to legislation across the wide range of legal areas affecting the third sector.

That’s why we’ve partnered with charity law specialists Emil Ford Lawyers, who have given expert guidance to churches and charitable organisations since 1917.

To assist CMA members stay on top of the laws governing our sector/s Emil Ford Lawyers will be providing us with regular Law Notes.

These regular updates will help Christian media professionals in navigating their way through the tricky issues such as governance issues, employment guidelines, compliance requirements, and more, by staying up-to-date on changes to legislation and other legal matters.

This first issue of Christian Media (CM) Law Notes covers the latest on the ACNC, Australia’s first social impact investment policy recently launched in NSW, unfair dismissal at 65, and governance: how can your board be more effective?


CM Law Notes – Feb 2015

ACNC – A more secure future?
It no longer appears that the abolition of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is imminent. The Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison, was recently quoted in the media as saying the abolition of the charity regulator was a lesser priority. His admission comes after months of consultation between the Federal Government and charities and civil society organisations on the earlier released Options Paper and the proposed replacement arrangements for the ACNC. Although its axing is now less likely, it is still worthwhile for charities to familiarise themselves with the Charities and Not-for-profits Consultation Report, which was released in December 2014 and provides a summary of consolidated feedback.   Read more

Much is said about governance these days, particularly in relation to not-for-profit organisations.  Is it all just theory (hot air)?  We don’t believe this.  We see good governance as practical, make-a-difference practices.  Would your organisation suffer if it had no board?  We hope not but fear that, for many, the board’s absence would not be noticed.  How can your board improve its effectiveness?  One way is to learn from others.  The recently published Leading with Intent:  A National Index of Non-profit Board Practices is well worth a look at in this regard.  Read more

NSW to implement Australia’s first social impact investment policy
On 4 February 2015, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Treasurer Andrew Constance announced the launch of Australia’s first Social Impact Investment Policy. This follows the successful launch of two social benefit bonds in 2013. The purpose of social impact investment is two-fold: to provide a measureable financial return and to provide funding to effect positive social change.  Read more

Unfair Dismissal at 65
Reaching the age of retirement is not fair grounds for dismissal. A recent decision of the Federal Court affirmed that the age of 65 constitutes a voluntary retirement age. Employees are entitled to work beyond this provided they are capable of performing their duties.   Read more



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