Member Services

Connection Hubs

Connection Hubs are designed to help small and medium sized radio stations become more efficient, effective, and financially viable.

A number of Connection Hubs will be set up across Australia, where the leaders of Christian Media & Arts Australia member stations in that region can meet together to share best practices and experiences, under the guidance of a Christian Media & Arts Australia convenor.

Each Connection Hub will have its own identity and its members will decide the structure and what services their Connection Hub will provide to the stations involved. Ideally each Connection Hub will enable stations to share resources in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Grant Review Services

Christian Media & Arts Australia’s newly established Grant Review Group aims to help improve members’ chances of successfully applying for grants by giving advice on the strategy for projects that funding is being applied for, and providing feedback on grant application drafts.

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Back Office Solutions & Accounting Services

Too often valuable ministry time and resources are spent just keeping the place running, but what if you could outsource some of those recurring admin tasks and spend more time focussing on core ministry outcomes?

Christian Media & Arts Australia has negotiated a partnership with Penrith-based company Financial Processing Solutions (FPS) who provide a range of donor care and accounting functions, including: book-keeping, banking, payroll services, mailing, and database management.

The FPS team approach their work as internal staff members of the client organisation so there is no perceivable separation to anyone contacting your ministry.

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