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More than 200 delegates joined us at the QT Hotel, Surfers Paradise April 19-22, for CONNECT16:Significance.  We’ve received some great feedback from this year’s conference. Here’s what some of the delegates had to say:

About the Digital Media Summit:

“[The Digital Media Summit] Offered valuable insight in assisting us in developing future strategies.”

“…I appreciated the diversity and quality of speakers/topics.I took something away from all of them – often more than just one thing.”

“…loved learning about new initiatives and opportunities.”

“Very valuable – Inspiring and educational”


About the Media Conference / overall experience:

“Overall an excellent experience. The best I’ve attended so far. Thank you”

“I felt the conference was on the money this year in view of the fast changes to technology and where broadcasting is heading in a technologically changing world.”

“This year’s conference was excellent and definitely better, in my opinion, than previous years.”

“Tracey Johnson was amazing. I’ve been in radio for years and he provided with me information that I have never thought of… I can’t wait to see him next year.”

“The panel sessions were very informative.”

“The ‘catch-ups’ with people are always invaluable.”

“I got plenty out of it and I am working toward outcomes because of it. I am very satisfied with the investment in both time and money.”

“The opportunity to network is always the highlight. This gives an opportunity to apply the ideas of the speaking sessions to broadcasting.”

“CONNECT Conference is catering for a broader cross-section of the christian media organisations and activities. I think this is an advantage in having such a diverse group of people in the same room.”

“I have a greater understanding of the Christian media landscape and how it can be a benefit to [my organisation]. This was my first conference and provided significant learning through both the sessions as well as meeting the delegates.”

“[Speakers were] very insightful with good information.”

“Fresh and engaging content.”

“…fantastic. The calibre of speakers was great.”

“Excellent location, it was nice to take a walk along the beach before heading into the days session. The venue was very good, the expo had good variety and the program was extensive.”

“I think each year you bring a new level of speaker to the conference and this is a good thing.”

“Great speakers each with a valuable message.”

“I found all sessions I attended to be of value. I thought the welcome event was a real highlight. Very entertaining, great atmosphere and fantastic networking environment.”


What take-home value did you get from attending? In what way has conference helped you?

“..meeting industry people, hearing great speakers that inspired new thinking and strategies.”

“Perspective! Great connections. Great community. Great collaboration.”

“Useful and practical messages”

“Great opportunity for connection and network.”

“The Panels were incredibly helpful and practical. Nice to see Christians engage in difficult conversations without having perfect answers, but willing to engage.”

“I have a greater understanding of our mission in Christian Radio and I feel better equipped to fulfill that mission.”

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What was your highlight?



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