Eternity News Shares Story of Gay Activist Now Living a Life for Jesus

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How the response of a Christian working in media and the arts changed this man’s life

David BennettDavid Bennett grew up in Sydney and felt at a young age that he was attracted exclusively to men. At age 14 he shared with his family and friends that he was gay.

Growing up, David had a very negative view of Christianity, feeling a great sense of injustice of what Christians had done to the Gay Community. At University he would rip down the Christian posters and put up Queer posters instead.

So fervent was David in his views on Christianity that when he found out his mother had become a Christian, he felt she would need to make a choice between God and her son. David declared to his mother, “You must choose between me or the God that hates me.” Her response was one that he thought was good, yet still annoying when she said, “By loving God, I love you better David.”


Eternity News Shares Story of Gay Activist Now Living a Life for JesusA meeting with a young filmmaker from his University, named Genevieve Clay-Smith, was the beginning of David’s experience with the one true and loving God. A finalist in Tropfest Short Film Festival, David wanted to interview Genevieve for their student magazine. However it wasn’t long before their conversation turned to reveal her faith in God. As David pushed back against her talk about God, Genevieve asked David, “Have you experienced the love of God?”.

This piercing question along with an offer of prayer was the beginning of an experience with God that would change David’s life  forever.


Watch the full story on this compelling video recently released by Eternity News.

Full story from Eternity News can be found here


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