Frontline Faith: New Podcast from Open Doors

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Mike Gore recounts the trip he took to Algeria in 2012, in the premier podcast for Open Doors Australia.

Frontline Faith: New Podcast from Open DoorsIt was my first trip. I was on lockdown in a hotel from risk of kidnapping for ransom. Chased by the secret police daily, and stood in the hole where a suicide bomber blew themselves up two weeks before I got there.

Frontline Faith podcast is set to uncover the persecution of Christians around the world and tell the testimonies of those who have suffered for their faith.

The podcast was first thought of by the CEO of Open Doors Australia, Mike Gore. “Meeting with persecuted believers and hearing them tell their stories is what has always challenged me the most in this ministry. By doing this podcast we get to share these testimonies in a personal way.”

The first few episodes are set to centre on Mike’s travel to different countries including China, Iraq and Algeria. These episodes will tell some of the moments that have transformed his own spiritual life as an Australian Christian.

Going to Algeria was my first trip with Open Doors and was unlike anything I had ever done before. Not to give too much away before the first episode comes out, but I was amazed at the message a persecuted believer was able to speak into my life, a comfortable Christian in the West who had never experienced persecution.

You can subscribe to Frontline Faith now on iTunes and Stitcher with a direct link on Soundcloud.


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