Looking for ‘a gear change’ to grow your business in 2014?

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Many radio stations are experiencing impressive growth – many onlookers are asking themselves HOW DID THEY DO IT?


Q. How does a major regional radio station double its turnover in two years?

Q. How does a little country radio station raise over $75,000 in a three day on-air appeal?

Q. How does a mid-size regional radio station sell over $190,000 in radio sales in the one short term sales campaign?

Q. How does a major metro community radio station get in front of 150 businesses and sell $1.1mil in radio sales?

Q. How does a small country radio station completely change format and rebrand, then gain heightened levels of additional marketplace presence and set record levels of increased revenue (in both Fundraising and Sponsorship Sales)?


A. THE ANSWER IS THEY ALL PARTNERED WITH PHIL GRAY CONSULTING. We don’t claim to work miracles, but we can help you Achieve Accelerated Success like never before.

Contact us to discuss your challenges and needs in order to grow like these real examples above. Find us online www.philgrayconsulting.com or call 1300 364 913.


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