Maximising online donations this June

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With more and more donors fulfilling their giving online it is vital to have a robust giving portal.

Anthony Eden from Hope Media shares his top 5 key questions to ask to ensure your online giving systems are most effective:

1. Have you performed extensive testing of your donation page?
It may seem a super simple one – but seriously, even if you did it months ago – it is always good at this time of year to test everything all over again from the page loading time to the payment processing to the email receipt.

2. Does your donation form work on mobile devices?
With more and more people giving on a mobile device, if your forms are hard to read, don’t resize or you have to do the “screen pinch” – you will be missing out on donations.

3. Is your homepage covered in appeal branding and do you have a big donate button at the top right of your site template?
Once someone has decided to give – they want a simple intuitive way to fulfill that intent. So make it easy for them and make sure you “join the dots” of the theme of your end of year appeal.

4 Do you have error logging enabled, so you know if something isn’t working?
Even just a quick email for donation errors will help

5. Is the very first section on your donation form asking your donor the amount they would like to give?
Just think about it – if you have made a decision to give the next logical question is ‘How much should I give?’. If your form is asking for name and address or payment details before this vital question then you will be saying goodbye to donations.

For a more comprehensive checklist, the full list is on the CMA Facebook Group. Not part of the group? Request to join. Search for ‘Christian Media Australia Member Hub’ on Facebook.


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