Code Of Practice

Preamble. Recognising the vital and increasingly important role played by radio, television, and other emerging technologies of mass communication, and the desire of Christian Media & Arts Australia “to foster and encourage excellence in Christian broadcasting by establishing and maintaining high standards with respect to content, method of presentation and ethical practices”, Christian Media & Arts Australia also recognises that the general public looks to us to bring conformity to ethical behaviour into our broadcasting, programming, business, management, financial, and relational responsibilities. Christian Media & Arts Australia recognises the Bible as the standard by which we must evaluate all beliefs, instruction, policies and practice.

Code of Practice:

This code of practice applies to all members of Christian Media & Arts Australia. Membership is open to any organisation that operates a broadcasting organisation in Australia or supplies programme content to a broadcasting organisation in Australia, and who agrees aligns with the Statement of Purpose for the Company and subscribes to the Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and Statement of Faith.

Christian Media & Arts Australia will:

  • Advance the Christian faith by providing encouragement and resources to Christian broadcasters.
  • Encourage the growth of Christian broadcasting in Australia
  • Represent its members to government, industry agencies, authorities and other non-government organisations that have a sector wide interest in Australian Broadcasting.
  • Provide services, discounts and benefits for its members to enhance the quality of stations and programming.
  • Foster high professional standards through the Code of Ethics.
  • Provide a forum for Christian broadcasters to develop their ministries.
  • Train and equip individuals working for its members in the advancement of the Christian faith through the Christian Broadcasting sector.
  • Gather research data on audiences, programs and effectiveness of Christian broadcasting in Australia
  • Dialogue with other media associations regarding current industry development and keep members informed of this information.
  • Educate and inform members in all areas relevant to the furtherance of Christian broadcasting in Australia.
  • Resolve all disputes using the Peacemaker principles as based on Biblical teaching.

Christian Media & Arts Australia members will:

  • Present the Christian Gospel simply and clearly.
  • Enrich the lives of listeners through education, culture, entertainment, information and news.
  • Contribute to the sanctity of family life.
  • Help listeners to respect the rights and freedoms of others.
  • Help listeners to promote and respect the integrity of the member’s recognised governments.
  • Abide by the code of the member’s wider industry body (eg CBAA, ANRA, etc), where the code does not conflict with Christian beliefs.
  • Properly maintain all technical equipment.
  • Maintain adequate logging and operational procedures.
  • Employ only competent personnel.
  • Conduct all business dealings and all financial appeals with Christian dignity and integrity, and to promptly furnish all clients and donors with receipts.
  • Keep proper books of account and make them available on request for inspection by authorised persons at the discretion of the Christian Media & Arts Australia Board of Directors.
  • Maintain high standards in selection and use of sponsorship and advertising where this applies.
  • Co-operate in every possible way with other broadcasters and industry groups.
  • Resolve all disputes using the Peacemaker principles as based on Biblical teaching.