Miracles Day Changing Lives

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Miracles Day is back!

Miracles Day changing livesOn Thursday 25 August, 26 CMAA radio stations throughout Australia will partner with CBM Australia to help change the lives of some of the world’s poorest people. Thanks to our radio partners, last year, Miracles Day raised over 25,000 ‘Miracle’ gifts of sight. It was an outcome that far surpassed our expectations! We’re so thankful to all our partners.

Through CBM, $32 can help fund a 12-minute cataract operation, restoring not only sight but also hope to someone who otherwise would continue living with blindness.



A Miracle can prescription viagra online help give children the chance to go to school for the first time, and their families the opportunity to earn an income and break free from poverty.

Miracles Day changing livesMiracles Day will help someone just like Quiń, a typical nine-year- old cialis in 20s boy, who loves playing with sticks. But when a stick injured his eye, causing a traumatic cataract, his mother was very concerned about the future of her son. “I was viagraonline-4rxpharmacy worried… I could not eat or sleep for one week. I just cried for one week”.

If not for the quick actions of his parents, and his CBM trained doctor diagnosing his traumatic cataract, Quin could have lost his sight.


Cataract revatio vs viagra is the world’s leading cause of blindness with over 20 million people worldwide living with cataracts. This is why Miracles Day is so important in helping restore sight to those who can least afford it.

Join us on 25 August and you can make Miracles happen by restoring sight to those that need it most. Visit cbm.org.au, call 131 226 or listen to your local Christian radio station.

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