Naomi Reed Releases Children’s Book

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The Zookeeper – a tale of unimaginable love, is the latest book from author Naomi Reed.

zookeeper2The 64 page children’s chapter book tells the whole Biblical story, from creation to recreation, and is illustrated by Naomi’s son, Stephen. The narrative begins in a wide, open valley, where the animals are known and loved and fed by the Zookeeper. They are reminded that they can play wherever they want to in the valley, but the one place they can’t play is on the other side of the sparkling river, in the dark forest.

In discussing the themes of ‘The Zookeeper’, Naomi explains, “We all long for a world without darkness. We want truth and beauty and goodness, but no matter how much we long for it, we can’t seem to rid ourselves of the darkness around us, and inside us, particularly in our self-protective and self-absorbed habits. The themes of The Zookeeper reflect the Biblical story, and remind us again of the incredible grace and mercy of God towards us, through his son the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Zookeeper is best used as a book that is read to children aged 4 to 7 years, or for children to read on their own from 7 to 11 years. Both parents and children will enjoy the parallels with the Garden of Eden, the slavery in Egypt, the sending of Moses, the return to the land, the promise of the One to come, the surprise of the answer, the love that brought it about, and the beautiful ending.

Along with the printed version, there is an audio book version soon to be released and a ten-part lesson plan for schools and churches. The Zookeeper is also available to be performed live as either a 10 minute, 25 minute or 40 minute engaging presentation.

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