New Radio Devotional Available on Mediapoint

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gnulogo‘Unlimited’ now available as a 60 second weekday radio devotional

Radio listeners are desperately looking for some good news in their lives. And now our member stations have even more of this great content available on Mediapoint.

Good News Unlimited, has designed a 60 second devotional to reach today’s busy people in a time-poor world with simple Gospel content.

Produced by Malcolm Pollard and presented by Dr Eliezer Gonzalez, Unlimited is a Monday to Friday devotion that’s topically relevant, evergreen, and positive. The program avoids the doctrinal, social, and ethical issues that might often complicate the simple truths of His Word. The message of God’s unlimited love is spoken in everyday language, directly impacting lives because it’s understood fast.

Hear a sample of the program here: Good things just keep coming (Unlimited 33)

Unlimited is now available free to CMAA member stations via Mediapoint


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