Open Doors presents The Insanity of God Tour

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Missionary couple Nik and Ruth Ripken, authors and subject of ‘The Insanity of God’, tour Australia’s East Coast.

Open Doors presents the Insanity of God TourNik and Ruth Ripken were an ordinary couple, and former pastors from Kentucky, who travelled to Somalia in the 90’s to live as missionaries in the middle of a war zone. “It was like I was getting on a plane in the New Testament and getting off the plane in the Old Testament. It was like I’d flow into hell.” After several years of service in one of the hardest mission fields on earth, Nik and Ruth travelled the world to meet others who had suffered for their faith and are now coming to Australia to share what they have learned.


Nik is a leading expert on the persecuted church in Islamic contexts. And after interviewing over 600 Christians enduring persecution for their faith in Jesus, along with their own experiences as missionaries, Nik and Ruth will be touring major East Coast locations across Australia to give a series of lectures titled ‘The Insanity of God’.

Focusing on the topic of how Christianity flourishes in persecution, much of the content will be based on the book and documentary of the same name, The Insanity of God.

In explaining the title Nik says, “From the world’s point of view, if we were God, we would act from a position of power, not from a stance of love and humility. Today, as throughout all of history, a God who “so loves the world that he gave his only begotten son” is an act of insanity.”

They will be sharing stories from believers like Dimitri in Russia, who believed he saw his wife killed by communists while in prison. Believers in China so isolated, they asked if any other country had heard the news about Jesus. And from a former Islamic extremist who waged Jihad against a foreign nation, before finding forgiveness in Jesus.

Nik and Ruth will be touring Australia:

Sydney region: 13 – 20 November
South East Queensland: 24 – 27 November
Canberra: 8 December
Melbourne region: 9-11 December

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Nik and Ruth Ripken are available for interview on request
Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors in Australia and New Zealand, is available for interview on request

For interviews or more information contact Tim Reid, media coordinator for Open Doors on 0478 915 841 or


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