Pray for persecuted Christians to remain hopeful, diligent and safe this Easter

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A state of emergency has been declared in Egypt following two church bombings on Sunday 9 April, which killed at least 44 people and injured over 100 people. [ Images: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters ]“The latest bombings and killings of Christians in Egypt have highlighted again the need for solidarity, aid, and prayers for persecuted Christians around the world.

This has been called the single deadliest day of violence against Egyptian Christians in decades. It comes as attacks against Christians have increased in recent months. Earlier this year, Islamic State announced they would be targeting Egyptian Christians.

Open Doors contact in Egypt said, “One of the most joyful days for Christians in Egypt is Palm Sunday… The joyful day turned into a painful tragedy.”

He heard about the first attack as he was leaving to go to his own church service with his family. Shortly after his service finished he heard about the second attack, “…doubling our pain and deepening our shock.”

This is what he told Open Doors in response:

“My soul is bitter and my spirit is crying in pain and agony.
Lord have mercy on Egypt.
Lord unveil the dark spirit of deception and show up your light.
Lord help your children to stay people of guts, courage and strong convictions.
And may your name be gloried even in the middle of death, pain and devastation.”

Please pray for Egyptian Christians to know the love and peace of God in this time of mourning.

Pray for church services around the world during Easter. Last year a bomb blast targeting Christians in Pakistan killed at least 70 people and injured over 300. It happened in a park in Lahore that was popular for Christians to visit after Easter Sunday services.

Read more about the incident and how you can help on the Open Doors website.

Christians fearful of celebrating Easter

Christians are more frightened to publicly celebrate Easter this year than ever before.

“We have not observed a greater fear of publicly celebrating Easter than we are now,” said Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors Australia.  Mike has just returned from providing support and aid through Open Doors and its affiliates across the middle east including Syria.

“We will offer all support possible to Christians who are being persecuted for their faith’” he said.

“The biggest request made to Open Doors is support, prayer and encouragement as it is our belief in God that makes us strong.

“We reach out to our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide and pray for them to remain hopeful, diligent and safe.

“We also, call upon the international community and Governments to condemn the persecution of Christians who are the most persecuted religious grouping in the world,” Gore concluded.


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