Standards Council for Christian Organisations Designed to Build Trust

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CMASCThe CMA Standards Council is an exciting new ministry of Christian Ministry Advancement. The aim is to build faith and trust in Christian organisations throughout Australia by publicly accrediting organisations against high standards of good governance, transparency and accountability.

The vision is that the CMA Standards Council seal of approval on an organisation’s communications will be clear evidence to all that the accredited organisation can be trusted to take good governance, transparency and accountability seriously.

Christian Accreditation organisations have been operating in the USA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability – and Canada (Canadian Council for Christian Charities – for over 40 years, and equivalent independent accreditation organisations have been, and are being set up worldwide, including in Africa, Guatemala, the Philippines, South Korea, Ukraine, Hong Kong/China and Sth Africa.

Australia needs to play its part in this global movement.

What are the Standards of The CMA Standards Council?

9 Principles of Good Governance and supporting Standards:

  1. God First – The organisation must declare its Christian ethos and confirm that it acts in accordance with that ethos.
  2. Charitable Status – The organisation must be a registered, legitimate and active Australian Charity.
  3. Diligent Governance – The organisation must be governed by a properly structured body which acts with care, diligence and independence.
  4.  Responsible Leadership – Leadership is critical and sets the culture of the entire organisation. The members of the organisation’s governing body must be responsible, competent and comply with their legal obligations.
  5. Charitable Purpose – The governing body must ensure that the organisation carries out the purpose for which it exists.
  6. Financial Oversight – The governing body must undertake proper financial oversight of the organisation.
  7. Risk Management – The organisation must take steps to identify and monitor risks to which it is exposed.
  8. Transparency and Accountability – The organisation must be transparent and accountable to its stakeholders.
  9. Honest Communication – All gift appeals and stewardship activities of the organisation must be carried out in a truthful and ethical manner.

Not only are these Principles and Standards biblically based, but they accord with good corporate governance as recognised by the ASX and other respected Australian and overseas secular organisations. They have also been approved by the ACNC.

The CMA Standards Council is currently running their Pilot Program with a variety of well-respected Christian organisations to road test the procedures. Accreditation will be opened up to all Christian organisations, which are keen to enhance their reputation with all their stakeholders, later in the year.

If you would like to know more, please register your interest via their website at


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