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Aussie Revivalist Hosts Major Event in Europe

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Thousands of Christians are gathering in Sweden from 28-30 October, 2016.

Aussie Revivalist Hosts Major Event in EuropeIt’s for Awakening Europe – a mass gathering at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, organised by an Australian, Ben Fitzgerald. GOD TV will air the event LIVE worldwide, with several sessions from the event, broadcast across Australia and New Zealand.

Speakers include Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity, Heidi Baker of Iris Global, Paul Manwaring of Bethel Church and Joakim Lundqvist of Word of Life Church, Sweden. Worship leaders include Daniel Hagen and the Resound Band from Australia; Jeremy Riddle (Bethel Music); Jake Hamilton, Chris Pöschl and Northwind Collective.

Why Religion In The 2016 Australian Census Matters

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Encouraging All Australians Who Affiliate With Christianity To Write ‘Christian’

I'm writing Christian in Question 19 of the CensusChristians of all denominations are being encouraged to fill in the ‘Religion’ box, or the ‘Other’ box when answering question 19 of the Census on Tuesday night August 9. CMAA has prepared a website to encourage Christians and people of all faiths to make sure their faith is counted.

This year the ‘No Religion’ box will be the first choice. Christian Media & Arts have worked in coalition with some of our members to build an information website and Facebook page that encourages believers and listeners to our community stations to answer truthfully and give a true reflection of faith in Australia.