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Special Grant for CMA Radio Station Members Chairman and Board Directors

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We have five full registrations to CONNECT16 including the gala dinner plus the Link Symposium and one nights accommodation to give away to new-to-attend board Chairs of CMA Member Radio Stations.

This special grant is available to the first five stations to apply.

We also have a further five free registrations to the LINK Symposium plus overnight accommodation to any Chairman of CMA member radio stations.

Why do you do it? What’s the motivation?

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sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting


Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation? What drives you? Important to know yourself let along so as to share your vision and inspire people to ‘buy in’ or ‘take up’, or ‘be a part of’ what you are doing, what you are involved in… So ask yourself what motivates me…

5 ways Board Members can support fundraising (without making an ask)

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from Pursuant’s ‘The Digital Drip’

Most people are afraid to ask for money. Pursuant’s Rachel Muir says Board members often fail at fundraising because expectations aren’t clearly spelled out in recruitment. She says a thorough board contract should detail every possible way your board member can support the organization, including these five ways board members can support fundraising without ever making an ask:

Changes to Christian Media & Arts Australia’s Board

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CMA has welcomed two new members to our Board of Directors and farewelled another.

At our 2015 AGM, held during CONNECT15 Media Conference on the Gold Coast last month, four positions were filled: Mark Reddy and Geoff Bentley were both returned, and two new members were elected: Penny Mulvey and Susan Sohn.

Jeremy Horn, who has served on the CMA Board since 2013, including this past year as Secretary, has resigned. We thank Jeremy for his service.