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New Station Manager for Pulse 94.1

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Wollongong’s Christian Radio Station welcomes Aaron Wright as new Station Manager

New Station Manager for Pulse 94.1Former manager Josh Reid commented in a recent email, “After eight years, this is my final week as CEO of Pulse 94.1, the only public Christian voice on the South Coast. I am now very excited to be handing over the reins to Aaron, as he takes on the challenging role of Station Manager today.

Aaron brings a wealth of experience to the role, working for many years in commercial and Christian community radio, and more recently in communications roles for Ministry Training School and the Christian Democratic Party.

Q Commons Sydney – SOLD OUT

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CMAA and SPARC are pleased to partner once again with Q Commons Sydney this October.

Q Commons Sydney - Register NowQ Commons is a world class faith and culture dialogue organised by US-based organization ‘Q’.

The global event is a live learning experience that challenges attendees to stay curious, think well, and advance good in their communities. Three global experts will provide short talks (via broadcast) along with live talks from local faith and cultural innovators.

Sydney Q Commons will be held on Wednesday, October 26, from 7pm – 9pm, and will be hosted by Stephen O’Doherty.

New Media Leadership Development Prize

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Arrow Leadership logo_300x163CMA is excited to announce the launch of The Arrow Leadership Executive Media Leader Scholarship. This development award is designed to empower the next generation of leaders in our sector.

In partnership with Arrow Leadership, CMA is offering a $6000 scholarship for this inaugural award. CMA will sponsor one eligible leader from our sector to participate in Arrow Leadership’s Not-For-Profit Executive Leaders Program in 2016.


3 Questions to ask for breakthrough solutions

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“Are You Ready to Lead Your Nonprofit into the Future?” asks fundraising group Pursuant‘s CEO Trent Ricker.

Writing for Pursuant’s blog The Digital Drip about why the nonprofit sector needs more entrepreneurial leaders, he says:

“It is important for nonprofit leaders to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset, because what works today will not necessarily work tomorrow. Nonprofits need to be constantly breaking new ground to inspire donors and make a greater impact.

The Cost Of Being A Leader With Last Minute Ideas

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phil cooke 2012_180x120by Phil Cooke

The lesson for today:  If your ideas are delivered last minute, the execution will be half baked.

One of the most frequent frustrations I hear from creative teams, media directors, advertising agencies, copywriters, and designers is that the executive, CEO, pastor, or other leader comes up with ideas at the last minute, but still expects them delivered on a deadline. 

10 Mistakes Leaders Make

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sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting

Ten mistakes we leaders often make

by Phil Gray

Over the years of being a leader, I’ll willingly put my hand up and say yep I’ve made plenty of costly mistakes, and still do from time to time, some of the most costly mistakes keep rearing their ugly head all too often in the lives of leaders I see… the following are a few common areas we leaders could improve on.