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Supporter Engagement Manager – Vision Christian Media Brisbane

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Vision Christian Media are looking for a Manager responsible for the development and execution of the Supporter Engagement Strategy which incorporates Fundraising through relationship development and communications (through a variety of channels), new supporter acquisition, advocacy, major donor relations, corporate donations, grant solicitation, and in-kind resources.

Twitter Makes Key Changes to Lure Back Users

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Ranked 7th place of all social media, Twitter makes changes to attract users back to the author of the ‘hashtag’.

Twitter Makes Key Changes to Lure Back UsersBy Haylie Price – Digital Strategist, Christian Media & Arts Australia

The world of social media is rapidly changing as users chase the newest, shiniest social tool on the block. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are in constant competition for the biggest share.

Why do you do it? What’s the motivation?

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sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting


Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation? What drives you? Important to know yourself let along so as to share your vision and inspire people to ‘buy in’ or ‘take up’, or ‘be a part of’ what you are doing, what you are involved in… So ask yourself what motivates me…

Facebook Updates Video Algorithm

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Facebook is changing how it ranks videos, to focus more on views than engagement.

The site will now take into account how many times a video is unmuted or expanded to full size, when deciding how many newsfeeds to include the video in.

These measurements of how interactively people watch a video will be more important than the number of likes, shares and comments.

3 Tips for Maximising the Impact of Testimonials

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“Let your testimonials speak for you and be the strongest asset to your organization’s success.” says Infinity Concepts’ Kirstie Ansell.

She says many organisations fail to use their best marketing tool – their clients (or in our case, our audience), or fail to use testimonials correctly.

“Like most everything in marketing, that content [testimonials] will only be a positive influence on your organization if it is put in the right place in front of the right people.”

Can I use that video on my website?

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Video will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2018*. Video is a great way to engage viewers, but is it legal to grab videos from the  internet and put them on your site?

TechSoup looks at the rules for video-sharing sites YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Vine.

7 keys to managing your values-based brand

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from TechSoup

Authors of “The Brand IDEA: Managing Nonprofit Brands with Integrity, Democracy, and Affinity”, Nathalie Laidler-Kylander and Julia Shepard Stenzel, shared with TechSoup the secret to managing a values-based brand.

They say that when managed well, your brand can help you achieve your mission, support collaboration with partners, and build unity in your organisation.

They list seven things to remember when managing your brand:

Questions to ask before re-branding your ministry

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phil cooke 2012_180x120Thinking of re-branding your organisation? Before you do, read this post by Phil Cooke.

Phil says we all get tired of the way we do things sometimes, but “chances are… you’re simply not telling your story well.”

“In that case, a “re-brand” or “brand refresh” might be in order.” He says.

Before making any drastic changes though, Phil’s advice is to determine whether a it’s really a re-brand that’s needed or just a holiday, by asking a few questions first, including:

7 Ways To Increase Donations

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Connecting Up logo_180x120from Connecting Up

Acquiring a new donor is more expensive than keeping a current donor. Most not-for-profits know this, but it seems like most of  them spend a larger amount of their resources on acquiring new donors instead of keeping their current donors happy.

Why the best marketers always stay in contact with everyone

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Hootville logo_180x120Charities should communicate with everyone they come into contact with, not just established supporters, according to not-for-profit communications gurus Hootville.

In a recent post “Stay in touch. we mean it: Advice on staying in touch, growing email databases and content marketing” Hootville’s Brett de Hoedt explains why the best marketers always stay in contact with everyone, the best way to do it and why content is vital.

The Donor Life Cycle

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Pursuant logo_180x83Treating donors differently after they give to your cause is the key to keeping them as financial partners, according to this great article from Pursuant.

“The secret to retaining and upgrading donors for life lies in honoring the profound changes that occur to our donor’s expectations after they make a gift.” writes Rachel Muir.

Study Shows 4 Simple Ways To Motivate Donors

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Connecting Up logo_180x120Research reveals four simple ways your not-for-profit can motivate donors.

Ever wondered how your supporters would like to be motivated to donate more than once? Connecting Up says a recent survey reveals valuable insight for NFPs, and the key is not surprising – it’s all about relationships.

Why Stories Help To Change Minds

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from BizCommunity

The art of storytelling is integral to marketing now. It is espoused by branding and communication leaders the world over, who point to humanity’s thousands of years of relying on stories to capture and convey information.

But why is storytelling so powerful? What is particular to this form of communication that makes it so compelling and influential?

F-Grade in Online Fundraising

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Dunham logo_180x120 (2)sponsored article from Dunham + Co.

The Agitator: ‘An F grade in online fundraising may mean other channels are at risk’

‘Get your marketing basics right, then get your mobile act together!’ exhorts fundraising writer Tom Belford, writing for noted fundraising blog,, about the recently released Dunham+Company/Next After Online Fundraising Scorecard Study:

Who Are You? And do they know what you do?

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Sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting

To grow a business you need return clientele and new customers.  People do want your product or service, however if they don’t know you exist, they will go elsewhere.   Does your business name make a statement about who you are and what you do?  How are you actively seeking new clients?  Promoting your brand and regular advertising is an essential for any business, but it is often the first thing to go from the budget when things are tight.