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Assistant Music Director – Juice Gold Coast

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JuiceLogo3The Assistant Music Director is a crucial role within the Juice1073 team. This role is focussed on achieving the station’s goals relating to engagement with our listeners.

The Juice1073 Programming Department encompasses the community-facing operations of Juice1073, and as such this role is important to the successful fulfilment of the station’s Mission and Vision.

Content Director – Hope Media Sydney

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hope-media-logoThe Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For - Sydney’s Hope Media is seeking a new CONTENT DIRECTOR

The Opportunity:
After building a strong on-air team and creating a consistent and distinctive on-air presence, that has captured the attention of an ever increasing audience, Hope Media’s Content Director is moving on to a more senior role.

New Tweens2teen radio spots

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Rachel Doherty_Tweens2Teen_300x150New radio spots are available with practical tips for listeners living and working with young people. has just been launched by Rachel Doherty, a social worker with more than 20 years experience. Rachel has worked as a school chaplain with Scripture Union Qld for the past decade, and is also a teacher and mother of three teenagers.

Double nod for Hope in CBAA awards

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Hope 103.2 are finalists in two categories for this year’s National Community Radio Awards.

The Sydney station is in the running for two CBAA awards: Excellence in Digital Media; and Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising Campaign.

98five Sleeping Bag Drive

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Perth’s 98five is collecting sleeping bags for the homeless this week.

During Homelessness Prevention Week August 3-9, the station is asking listeners to donate new or clean used sleeping bags and basic hygiene essentials.

Everyday Stories with Naomi Reed

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Naomi Reed_600x300_2New 60sec Radio Spots

‘Everyday Stories with Naomi Reed’ are 60 second pre-recorded radio segments that aim to connect with the human heart via everyday stories.

Each segment addresses a human longing or question (such as fear, friendship, guidance, patience, suffering etc) and tells a story of faith or Christian belief in response to that longing. The listener is encouraged at the identify cialis pill end to keep going with God in their circumstance.

Naomi Reed is the well-known, best-selling author of ‘My Seventh Monsoon’ as well as five other books.

Why not play the songs they want to hear!?

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PGC_logo_180x97Sponsored article by Phil Gray Consulting

I know you would agree that in business, we must know what the customer wants. In a radio station setting, you ask the customer – our listeners and potential listeners what they want… what keeps them listening and what turns them off.

By conducting a full comprehensive Online Music Test (OMT), or purchasing the results of an OMT relevant to your format and market, you’ll ultimately improve your product, and as a result you’ll have greater connection and impact in your community.

How to get your Christian program idea on secular TV

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Want to get your Christian program idea onto commercial TV?

“The first step isn’t getting your show idea on a network. The first step is finding out what the network is interested in programming.” Phil Cooke says.

“Hollywood isn’t opposed to faith-driven programming. They just need to be convinced that you have online pharmacy an idea that people will watch.”

In a recent post he shared seven critical principles about how to get a secular network to look at your Christian program idea, including:

Juice 1073′s ‘Dunnygeon’ of Darkness brings light to Gold Coast

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Juice 1073 Haydn Dungeon of Darkness Nov appeal 2014_180x142Juice 107.3 staff and supporters have served time in a Dungeon of Darkness in order to Light Up A Life.

CEO Hayden Whitworth and Breakky co-host Luke Holt have locked themselves in a portaloo as part of the Gold Coast radio station’s November radiothon.

Along with other local identities, the guys have taken turns to be confined in the ‘Dunnygeon’ one at a time until listeners free them by paying a ransom. The ransom is of course accumulated by donations to the on-air appeal.

How safe is the long term future of radio?

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LIAM_SQUAWK_180x120by Liam Renton

For years radio was the untouchable, and at its peak, unbeatable viagra 4 hours medium. Since the arrival of TV and later the early days of the internet, it was assumed that radio would fade away. But history tells that TV barely made a dent to radio’s popularity and stations are still enjoying strong listnerships.

But things have declined. The bombardment of the world at our fingertips via our phones has seen our choices expand and radio having to compete with not only new mediums, but compete with itself, as now I can listen from Australia to my favourite stations from across the globe.

So will we survive with so much choice, interaction and distractions all trying to grab our attention?
I know we can, but it will rely on the three C’s:

Miracles Day Record

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CBM3070_cr180x120More than 18,000 cataract patients living in poverty will have their sight restored thanks to Australian Christian radio listeners.

14 CMA member stations participated in CBM’s Miracles Day on Aug 28, raising funds for ‘miracle’ cataract operations.

CBM hoped to raise enough funds to cover surgery for 10,000 patients, but the final tally ended up reaching 18,385 – more than 10,000 Miracles more than last year!

On Air with Liam Renton

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LIAM_SQUAWK_180x120by Liam Renton

The recent radio Miracles Day was an amazing success nationwide with a number of stations agreeing to ditch regular programming and give their stations over to the charity CBM Australia to help raise much needed coin, to fund cataract eye operations overseas.

As a programmer there were many reasons why we SHOULDN’T allow our stations to partake, but there were also some pretty compelling reasons why your stations should sign up for national charity days when asked.

Why influencing real people is more important than getting likes

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phil cooke 2012_180x120Phil Cooke recently wrote:

“In the rush to grow your social media influence, don’t forget that influencing the people you meet every day is far more helpful and important to your life and career. I’d rather have 10 people who really care about my message and ideas than 10,000 who just click a “Like” button.”

He lists four key things to remember about extending your influence to the people you meet everyday.

The Heart of Christian Radio

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PGC_logo_180x97sponsored article by Phil Gray Consulting

At the Christian Media Australia conference on the Gold Coast last week, I was invited to speak into some key points we should all be mindful of as we develop The Heart of Christian Radio.

One of the most important things we should be conscious of is knowing what our game is, or knowing what type of business we are in. Ask yourself ‘what are we trying to do’? When you boil it down, the answer is…

In business we must know what the customer wants…

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sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting

How do you know this in a radio station setting? You ask the listener what they want to hear – it’s really that simple. By conducting an Online Music Test (OMT), you’ll ultimately improve your product, and as a result you’ll potentially gain more listeners that listen longer, you’ll be able to attract new listeners and have greater connection and impact in your community.

Now available – two sets of Online Music Tests (OMT’s). This is current research data from 10 Australian Christian Radio stations. This is the research that takes the guess work out of knowing what your listeners DO & DON’T want to hear… finally you will truly know what your core loyal listeners want to hear, and you’ll also know what potential listeners want to hear on your station.

Programmes Coordinator – Vision Radio Network

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VRN logo_y_180x120If you think Selector was the bad guy in “Masters of the Universe”, and that Zetta is a brand of coffee, then this probably isn’t the job for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re passionate about radio and about connecting with an audience; expert in what makes radio work behind the scenes; and have an appetite for challenges and changes, and ‘get’ Christian radio, then we want to hear from you.

Easter TV Special “Daily Light”

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DailyLight_Main_180x101Tune in to Channel 7 this Sunday morning for our 2014 Easter TV special “Daily Light”.

“Daily Light” is about three spiritual pilgrims, each in a different stage of life, who take us on a journey of what it means for them to be a Christian in the modern world.

On Air with Liam Renton

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LIAM_SQUAWK_180x120What Women Want – From Their Radio Speakers

by Liam Renton

The majority of radio stations seem to target their programming to women: young mums with a few kids, doing the school pick up. Which is interesting, seeing there’s a whole other half of the population – “men” – who could be catered for when it comes to choosing your format. That being said, let’s just say you do have an ideal women in mind when focusing your programming efforts - do you really know what women actually want from their radios?

Let’s see if we can’t come up some bare basics, when it comes to programming to women.

Daylight Savings Changes to Vision Programming

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VRN logo_y_180x120Vision FM programs will change times next week in states with daylight savings.

The national radio network broadcasts from Qld, which does not observe daylight savings time.

Daylight savings ends on Sunday 6th April meaning listeners in NSW, Vic, Tas, SA, and ACT will need to tune in to their favourite shows one hour earlier.

Light Partner Day

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Light Partner Day March 2014_z_180x12089.9 Light FM has surpassed the target for their LightPartner Day thanks to Final Chance Friday.

The Melbourne station held the one-day drive to sign up new monthly donors on Thurs 13th March, with the theme ‘Love LightFM’.

The target of 250 new partners wasn’t reached by the end of the day, so the tally room team joined breakky hosts Lucy & Kel the next morning for Final Chance Friday.

The PGC Approach

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PGC_logo_180x97sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting

The PGC approach:

The PGC approach to consultation with our Accelerate Program is a holistic approach to growing your radio ministry in many areas of the operation, and not just in one area (e.g. fundraising or programming).

98five’s Family Day Marriage Proposal

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Sue Masters Ann Layton98five Sonshine FM celebrated family more than they expected on their recent Family Partner Day.

The day was held on Feb 28th to encourage listeners & supporters to join the 98five Sonshine FM familyThe Perth station hoped to add 100 new Family Partners - supporters who pledge to give a small monthly gift.

The family theme was accentuated when a listener participating in a competition proposed to his girlfriend on air.

Open House Returns With New Format

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DwayneJeffries_180x120National radio program Open House returns next week with a new format as well as a new host.

The Sunday night show will now be a compilation of highlights from a new weekday program of the same name.

New host Dwayne Jeffries (pictured) will now explore issues of life, faith and culture during an hour-long program at midday each Mon-Fri on Sydney’s Hope 103.2, with the best bits to be broadcast nationally in the familiar Sunday night slot from 8pm – 10pm.

Why Stories Help To Change Minds

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from BizCommunity

The art of storytelling is integral to marketing now. It is espoused by branding and communication leaders the world over, who point to humanity’s thousands of years of relying on stories to capture and convey information.

But why is storytelling so powerful? What is particular to this form of communication that makes it so compelling and influential?

98five Oz Day Fireworks

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98five Sonshine FM will again be a major feature of  the Australia Day celebration and fireworks in the Perth suburb of Bassendean.

98five Sonshine FM will broadcast live from the 10th Anniversary Town of Bassendean Australia Day Celebrations and Fireworks, with the fireworks display choreographed to an exclusive 98five soundtrack.

Don’t Regurgitate, Reinvent.

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LIAM_SQUAWK_180x120by Liam Renton

Do you create content, or just regurgitate what’s in the paper, or what you find on Twitter?

My tip for those of you who have the honour of speaking into listeners’ lives: don’t just rip and read, rather create.

So what makes Bad Radio?

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sponsored article from Phil Gray Consulting

PGC_logo_180x97Most people will keep listening to a radio station until it does something that actively makes them want to switch off. So why does that happen?

There are many styles, all acceptable. The only one that isn’t acceptable is bad technique. The list below highlights some of the pit-falls people can fall into when they start presenting.

‘A Wise Man’ Christmas TV Pozible Campaign

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a wise man_180x117Want to see more high quality Christian programming on Aussie TV? Here’s your chance to help make it happen!

The creators of a Christian TV special need your support to raise $15,000 by Sept 16.

Channel 7 will broadcast the 30min program ‘A Wise Man’ on Christmas Day this year if the project receives enough support. So far more than a third of the required amount has been raised through a crowdfunding campaign on Pozible. Support the campaign here.

How to deliver BRILLIANT Live Reads

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by Luke Holt, associate of Phil Gray Consulting*

First and foremost, by far the most important ingredient to a BRILLIANT live read is investment from both the sales rep and the announcer/s. The sales rep needs to give you (the talent) the tools you need and in a format that works. The announcer/s then needs to honour that by delivering GOLD for the rep and the client. (I have listed at the end of this article a checklist to help communication).