The benefits of a holistic approach

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Phil Gray Consulting provides a holistic approach which develops each department and integrates across the entire organisation, positively impacting the entire business. PGC offers consultation to a wide range of industries (from broadcast media, mining and construction, to health and business development, for government bodies and both commercial and not-for-profit corporations).

In this article we will review the wide range of areas of consultation we provide for our ongoing monthly Accelerate Program clients, specifically built for radio station consultation:

1. Planning:
1.1. Develop then assist in the implementation of detailed strategic plans
1.2. Providing clear KPI’s for developed plans and departments responsible
1.3. Governance best practice, Board charter, Board member job profiles
1.4. Management style and development
1.5. Development of management systems and process
1.6. General business including financial planning
1.7. Strategic reviews and evaluation
1.8. Licence renewal

2. People:
2.1. Leadership and workforce development
2.2. Mentoring key leadership staff / department heads
2.3. HR recruitment
2.4. Staff performance and development
2.5. Conducting soft skill workshops for management & workforce
2.6. Specific team training (Sales & Programming)

3. Profit:
3.1. Sponsorship sales training, mentoring and coaching for department heads and their team of sales executives, including the study of industry specific sales practices
3.2. Review and redevelop sales rate card and packages, proposals, systems and processes
3.3. Preparation, training and execution of ‘Sales Push’ presentations (additional days required, refer to T&C’s)
3.4. Preparation, training and execution of high profile fundraising on-air appeals (additional days required, refer to T&C’s)
3.5. Assistance with grant applications as required

4. Product:
4.1. Assist in providing and improving content fitting for target
4.2. On air formats and clock structures
4.3. Recommendation for music selection and playlist structure
4.4. Provide coaching of on-air talent and teams
4.5. Development & coordination of qualitative & quantitative research
4.6. Provide advice on community involvement
4.7. Production and imaging advice

5. Profile:
5.1. Advise on promotional activity and development of promotion systems
5.2. Development and marketing of brand,
5.3. Development of community and promotional activities on and off air

The benefit to any company as result of our services is that we will provide the radio station’s leadership with mentoring, guidance, tools and systems, across the whole organisation enabling each company to have greater impact and connection with your listeners and stakeholders. Detailed strategic plans will result in clarity of vision, clear goals and KPI’s. You’ll experience sustainability and profitability through dramatically increased revenue. The station will have a greatly improved product (as we develop content and coach the talent), and we will raise the stations marketplace profile (increasing awareness, listenership, sales & donations).

Talk to us today about how we can help you achieve accelerated success through our Accelerate Program.






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