The Bible – Strong Ratings Result

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Christian Media Australia – PRESS RELEASE
17 July 2013

Strong Ratings Results
Last nights premiere screening of The Bible Series has delivered Channel 9 a Strong Ratings Result with 1.181 Million People tuning in.
NB: For average figures see below.

the bible

OzTAM: The Bible premiered strongly with both episodes comprehensive time-slot winners with all key demographics: People 25-54, 18-49, 16-39 and Total People across the 5 City Metro.

The Bible first episode scored a peak audience of 1.181 million and
averaged 880,000 viewers across the 5 City Metro and was a top five performer for the night overall with People 25-54, 18-49 and 16-39.

It’s also getting some positive reviews, after the initial lack of support by the local media industry in Australia.

MediaWeek: Review by James Manning
We were expecting the worst after a one-star review of The Bible.
But guess what…it was very watchable. And an average audience of over 800,000 stuck around to watch both episodes last night. And get this – it wasn’t old-timers either. Curios youngsters tuned in with the first ep ranking #4 for the night and episode two #6.

#TheBibleAU also Trended strongly on Twitter last-night peaking at Number One in Australia.
NB: It’s important to engage the conversation in every sphere. Twitter is an environment that seems to bring out strong responses from people. I encourage you to engage the conversation with civility and grace.

What to do now:

1// Congratulate Channel 9 and Encourage them to continue supporting The Bible.
Whist last nights ratings showed a strong result, we need to make sure that we continue to encourage Channel 9 to support the remainder of the series. Send them a short note indicating how much you valued The Bible series and importantly, indicate that you’ll be watching next week.

How to Contact Channel 9
- Phone & Postal Contact Info
- Facebook –
- Twitter – (or @Channel9 – use #TheBibleAU)

2// Read The Bible and Engage the Conversation.
This is a significant opportunity to engage the broader conversation through Social Media and Online, but it’s just as crucial to “wisely” engage the conversation in your work places, in the community and at home.

The experience from the US suggests that because of the media profile of The Bible series, people were able to have meaningful and life transforming conversations in areas and situations that previously seemed closed off. Ultimately it’s not in your strength or ability, but by the grace of God that people’s hearts are moved towards knowing and understanding his Love and Hope, but we also need to start the conversation.

There are a number of great Australian Organisations providing practical support and resource materials, and I encourage you to take advantage of them, both for yourselves and to help others.

The Bible Society Australia is a great place to start – they will have a weekly discussion video for each episode of the The Bible series, as well as other great resources.

There are also a number of Ministries and Media Partners developing and sharing content for Broadcasters through Christian Media Australia’s Media Point Service. NB: Access is for CMA Members.

3// Continue to Actively Support The Bible series.
This is an important commitment for Channel 9, but if the support slows down, it can easily loose momentum with the network. We believe The Bible series is a strong opportunity to get the Gospel out in Australia and we therefore need to get behind it and make each screening a success.

“We want to encourage every Christian in Australia to get behind the series and show Channel Nine that the Christian audience has a strong voice in this country.”

As Christian leaders in our community we need to do all that we can to get behind this great series, and make a significant mark on the ratings.

Thank you for your support in making the Premiere Screening of The Bible series a success.
Make a date to watch The Bible each week, because your continuing support (by watching the series) can be the difference with keeping it on air.

Read The Bible, Engage the Conversation, and I personally ask you to use both your professional and personal networks to let people know that The Bible Series will be screening on Channel 9, Tuesday Nights at 9pm (NB: please follow your local guides).

Best regards,

Mark Reddy
Christian Media Australia