Vision listeners feed 15,000+ Hungry Children

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Take Away Hunger Day encouraged listeners to give $6 to feed a child for a month.

visionfthOn Thursday December 15 Vision Christian Radio partnered with Feed The Hungry to give nutritious emergency meals to children in over 20 countries around the world including refugee children fleeing to Uganda for safety, and children living in drought-stricken areas like Malawi in Southern Africa.

Take Away Hunger Day was a massive success, raising sufficient funds to feed a staggering 15,542 of these Children every day for a month! $6 feeds a child for a month month, so that’s almost $100,000 toward the work of Feed The Hungry. You can view the current tally here.

The guarantee of a daily meal also gives these boys and girls a chance to get a primary education, which gives them hope for a better, brighter future. And since these meals are delivered through local church partners, the children also receive spiritual nourishment to help them grow in Christ.



Feed The Hungry collected 100% of the funds and carry out the work. Vision Christian Media CEO Phil Edwards said he was staggered at the generosity of listeners. “As we told the story and gave people the opportunity to respond, it clearly struck a chord, especially as we were able to contrast the typical Australian Christmas to the situation of these kids” he said. “The core massage was that we have a lot, so let’s share – and share they did!

Stefan Radelich, President and CEO of Feed The Hungry International was equally blown away by the result. “The radio personalities were so clear in their communication, so passionate and compelling. Thank you a million times over for the opportunity to shine a spotlight on what is happening in South Sudan and how the body of Christ has an open door to be an agent of rescue and restoration for the most vulnerable” he said.

The end result is in stark contrast to the goal of the day, which was to feed at least 1,000 Refugee Children for a month. “I guessed we got that wrong, the end result was over 15 times that amount! I’m blown away by the generosity of Vision listeners – it is so great to be able to use our network to help people like this, with no financial benefit for ourselves“. Phil Edwards said



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