Was 2015 a winner of a year for your radio station?

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We all desire growth & increased levels of success each year – right? All success requires intentionality, a solid plan along with specific skills from a dedicated team to implement. These are keys so you can Achieve Accelerated Success.

These below 5 P’s are essential cornerstones every media outlet should focus on… these are all provided for within our Accelerate Program that has grown every one of our clients capacity and operation. This has seen them all experience remarkable growth year on year with our partnership.

Planning, People, Profit, Product & Profile

The 1st P = PLANNING

We must have a short memorable Vision, Mission and Value statements and a clear Picture of the Future. The entire team much ‘sing from the same book’, as in be on the same page. As a Leader you must continually cast the vision (tell our story over and over again),

The 2nd P = PEOPLE

We must know how to build up and resource the team. We must know them and develop them. We need to empower them and trust them.They must have something to serve, something to die for (figuratively speaking)!

The 3rd P = PROFIT

We should have a clear target to aim for; know what the indicators of growth are – they should be clear. Know how to reach your target. We need to understand that we all have competition; we need to know where to go get more customers. Not only do we need to know how to sell the station, we must understand fundraising, and understand the financials.


We all need to understand the game you’re playing, understand what it is that we do, get in external expert advice when needed. Christian Radio (media), it’s not about us… it’s for those that don’t know what we know, don’t experience what we experience.


We must be attractive and compelling, we need our chin up and chest out, we need heaps of CHUTZPAH (look it up). We must believe in our product, cause and organisation. Most importantly we must be strong in the Lord our God. How do you feed yourself spiritually? We need to have daily spiritual and professional food (what are you reading, thinking about, meditating on, and praying about?)

These are the headlines. For further detail on our Accelerate Program and the scope of our services so 2016 and beyond can be more impacting and successful, please click here. For direct contact email phil@philgrayconsulting.com






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