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Phil Gray Consulting SeptemberMost every successful business regardless of industry has seen significant growth result from the collaboration of external consultants. In radio, it is invaluable to have experienced consultants to work alongside you and your team to grow your business. One of the priorities in any business is sustainability. In community radio, one of the main three streams of revenue is fundraising.

But who has the time – months beforehand – to plan, oversee and conduct a well-executed professional and highly successful fundraising appeal? Now is the time to be planning your on-air appeal for the end of the year – but who’s got the time and head space to start working on it? And what will you do differently to see significant growth from this time last year?

Phil Gray Consulting (PGC) has been conducting specific short term projects such as on-air fundraising appeals for over six years. During Phil Gray’s 30 year career in radio, he has conducted countless appeals for radio stations ranging from small towns to Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest cities. All PGC clients have experienced a positive result and an outstanding return for their investment as you’ll discover in our case studies.

By engaging PGC to plan and produce your appeal, you will get expert planning and coaching, plus you’ll have the confidence in working with a consultant that has developed highly successful systems and processes that really work. PGC has many satisfied clients that have been delighted with their ROI; so much so that they keep coming back to PGC asking us to produce their fundraising appeal year after year.

HOW we do it

We will conduct a detailed review of your current fundraising system and process then provide recommendations, guidance, coaching and new tools for increased listener engagement and earnings from your fundraising activity.

Careful planning and preparation is a vital stage of your campaign, we can provide assistance with on air presentation of the actual on-air appeal (alongside of your announcers).

PGC will develop the strategic considerations for the on-air appeal campaign including; but not limited to: branding and themes, scripting, song selection and overall recommendations and on air elements in order to assist in the successful implementation of the on-air appeal.

We will create a detailed Gantt chart, an on-air appeal manual and announcer handbook for effective implementation and delivery of the appeal.

Painting The Picture With PassionPGC can deliver the entire written communications strategy (direct mail, email, sms) and engage an external mail house centre for the printing, collating and dispatching of direct mail letters as needed.

We develop all communication and messaging to ensure both on air and off air messages are aligned with the overarching campaign strategy.

Our team will provide oversight and executive management of the appeal in conjunction with your team. This includes:

  • A series of scheduled planning meetings during the lead up to the on-air appeal
  • Management oversight of the pre-promotion campaign period
  • Oversight and executive production of the intense final days on-air appeal (content, style, direction)

PGC Case Studies

City population 155,000 (2014)
PGC produced and directed the stations June appeal, the result saw the station experience a 400% increase the number of donors that engaged with the station and generating double the total revenue raised in previous appeals.

City population 1.2MIL (2014)
PGC produces client station’s June appeal and raised 83% more than their previous year’s result and then also conducted a record breaking June appeal for the radio station.

City population 550,000 (2011-14)
Through PGC’s Accelerate Program this client station raised 67% more revenue in the station’s end of year appeal than their previous best ever result.

City population 220,000 (2015 – 2016)
PGC produces the station’s most successful end of year appeal, then produces the following year’s June Appeal generating in just one appeal 97% of total funds raised from donations in the entire prior year.

City population 175,000 (2012-14)
PGC produced the station’s June appeal raising 132% more revenue than their previous best ever result. PGC also conducted this station’s June 2012, June 2013 and June 2014 appeals each raising over $100,000. In our first 18 months of partnership we helped this station generate a total of $586,000.

City population 280,000 (2012-14)
With partnership with PGC relating to their June 2011 on-air fundraising appeal, PGC raised 473% more than their previous appeals results. PGC also conducted this station’s following June appeals that raised over $200,000.

City population 60,000 (2013-14)
With partnership from PGC over a two-year period, this country station has doubled it donor membership base, tripled the revenue from donations and doubled its total annual sponsorship cash. Total revenue increased by 70% in this short period of time.

Go to our website for further case studies and testimonials

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