Why do you do it? What’s the motivation?

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Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation? What drives you? Important to know yourself let along so as to share your vision and inspire people to ‘buy in’ or ‘take up’, or ‘be a part of’ what you are doing, what you are involved in… So ask yourself what motivates me…

People keep asking me, “Phil, why do you do what you do, specifically, why help so many Christian radio stations raise so much revenue through on-air appeals and sponsorship sales push type campaigns”… they say “I thought you were a radio guy just interested in the content/product”?

My response is… well yes you are right, I did come from the product end of this industry being on air, and heading up production, promotions and programming departments for the first 15 years of my career (in a commercial radio setting), but having been in senior leadership roles since 1996, I also clearly understand that there is a direct correlation between how much resource (funding) a station can generate and how much it can do in its marketplace. Even more importantly so, the amount of revenue a Christian radio station can generate, will directly impact how much local Kingdom impact and influence they can have in their city or town. So my motivation is to see as many stations achieve accelerated success in every aspect of the operation so as to have further eternal influence in their own back yard.

We as Christians in the media must press on and always grow our business. We should never be content with the status quo. I believe we must do everything we can to raise as much revenue as possible so as to be able to do as much as possible. Why? There are hundreds and thousands of people in every town/city that have never heard of your local Christian radio station. So many Australians will never set foot inside a local church, yet thousands of them will tune in and listen. Little by little every day, if we are real and relevant in our approach, listeners are spiritually impacted by the compelling music, segments and programs you broadcast.

The more people that know about your station, the more likely everyday Australians will potentially tune in and ultimately be introduced to Jesus. That’s the bottom line – that’s the WHY.

I believe the 2nd biggest expense to on your budget should be the marketing of your radio station. It’s always been my practice, and it’s always been a significant driver towards the success I’ve seen as result… and it’s the key component or driver behind the success of all leading media outlets around the world. We as Christian broadcasters must spend significant amounts of funds on marketing. Why bother setting up our ministry and operating year after year and not proactively tell your world (town/city) about your station and the greatest story there is to tell?…

I’ve often made many a board member almost hyperventilate at the amount of funds I wanted to commit to a variety of marketing initiatives; everything from stickers, to BBQ’s, to letter drops, to billboards, TV spots etc. these are all worthwhile tactics to consider. I’ve often found board members are often reluctant to approve the funds, however they are always delighted at the results that always follow clear, consistent and creative messaging about your radio station to the masses in your area.

All these marketing initiatives require funding, that again is WHY we at Phil Gray Consulting assist leadership at our client stations to not only stabilise but significantly grow the needed revenue so as to expand the reach and ultimately, the Kingdom impact on our country.

We would love to discuss your goals or needs and develop a strategy to achieve ACCELERATED SUCCESS in your city for HIS name sake.

Now is the best time to plan for an ON-AIR APPEAL or SALES PUSH for your station for 2016. These always prove to be a brilliant return on your investment. Please read case studies and review testimonials and find out about our ongoing Accelerate Program on our website www.philgrayconsulting.com

We would love to make a time to discuss your needs and plan for a successful partnership.



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