Your EOFY Success Checklist from fundraising experts Dunham+Company

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D+C logoby Joshua Crowther, Dunham+Company

1. Keep the main thing the main thing. 
You’re fundraising, so don’t get distracted. And don’t distract donors with other fundraising asks like bequests or crowdfunding side-projects. They need you to show them why your big EOFY campaign is so important RIGHT NOW.

2. Keep your eyes on the data so you can drive to the goal.
Donors like to know how much of your EOFY goal has come in to-date. Your accurate reporting generates trust, and is also an opportunity for your donor to see the real difference their gift can make.

3. Review your email strategy and send reminder emails near your deadline. 
The chance to email donors with multiple appeals in a one-week period is rare – but in June it’s justifiable and even expected. Don’t get lost in busy inboxes by not sending enough.

4. Don’t be afraid to use social media for fundraising. 
You’ve worked hard to build trusted relationships with your supporters (and potential supporters) on social media. Now you have a very sincere reason to spend down on a bit of that capital by challenging them with your EOFY fundraising ask.

5. Don’t neglect your non-fundraising online engagement.
So you’ve wrestled agreement from your team to do a fundraising ask on Facebook… but don’t go overboard. Make sure you keep providing the unique ministry content they love to engage with every day.

6. Don’t let process keep you from thanking every donor as quickly as possible.
It’s a busy time, but try not to let the pile of receipts overwhelm you. Enlist people to help. Your goal, even in peak periods, should be no more than 48 hours between the gift and a receipt being issued.

7. Donor care doesn’t finish when your appeal wraps up. 
Get this right and they will stay with you. So don’t collapse in a heap post-June 30. Instead, take a breath, regroup, then refine your fundraising strategy for the months ahead.


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